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Review / Gameplay Ginga Force XBOX 360


Review / Gameplay Ginga Force XBOX 360


  1. 11 minutes of dancing around like a complete spanner, followed by 5 minutes of poor quality / camcorder quality gameplay….
    Makes a change from talking us all to death like you normally do, i suppose.

  2. If Eschatos is anything to go by it may be some time, that said though that game came with Judgment Silversword which was a pretty amazing extra.

  3. I like the look of it, i'll probably pick this one up. Gonna wait until it's a little cheaper to import tho, holy jesus!

  4. You either had the curtains closed during that opening dance or your now wearing a straight jacket! 😉
    I can't say the game impressed with this showing and the lack of CRT support is disappointing to hear about but thumbs up for more shooters on the 360! 😀

  5. This looks pretty decent actually. Always a sucker for those overhead 2.5D city levels. Graphics look detailed for the most part, looks playable enough, only this is that damn widrescreen default as I only use my xbox with the CRT. Hey and it's region free. That has to be a good thing as it costs them extra doesn't it? Still not got Eschatos but this looks better.

  6. I agree that this is far from among the best on the 360 (tough competition there!), but at the same time I have started to enjoy it more. I still haven't spent enough time with it myself, but I certainly don't mind it! Always happy to have a new shooter release. And yeah, it is a very good thing the Japanese chatter can be turned off. Sometimes I wish I had that option in my daily life!

  7. If it goes on the cheap, I'll pick it up. Otherwise though, it looks pretty bland overall. Then again; they can't all be Cave, can they?

  8. 1. amazing dancing 🙂
    2. is that piece of a for taped to the printer used for white balance? or am i over thinking 🙂

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