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PS4 Pro – 10 Days Left! Are You Buying One?


PS4 Pro - 10 Days Left! Are You Buying One?


  1. So far, everything I have seen from a spec standpoint looks good.  2k output is easy for the pro to perform, and upscale that to 4k is good.  Even at a solid 30fps which is good also.  I will take a wait and see approach on this console to see if in the future it warrants a purchase.

  2. I will Definitely not buy PS4pro since well my ps4 get's hardly any use since launch apart from Bloodborne  and a few multi platforms it is just sitting there gathering dust since the games I did buy it for are either  delayed  or seemingly vanished completely like Deep Down and Dragons Dogma Online  , hell the only PS4 title that has my interest now is Horizon Zero Dawn and after that ????
    nothing again
    and iam not spending 900$ just to be a beta tester for PSVR ,  nor will I buy any other VR  since  there are no games  for it apart from a few tech demos

  3. i agree I'm getting it for 1080 and waiting to see some customer reviews of how it runs on 4k .. also 4k tv's are expensive as fuck

  4. I am getting the PS4 Pro. In fact I have it preordered on amazon and it is paid off already with putting gift cards toward the purchase price. Just waiting on it to ship which it should be shipped out on tuesday since i am a prime member.

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