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Ok first off I want to get a ps4. But, when I saw on the specs it has GDDR5 8GB memory. I dont know a lot about this whole memory thing. I know 320 gb was a lot for the ps3. I want to know how much memory is really on the ps4. I dont want to be buying a ps4 with memory space of an iPhone.

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  1. That’s 8GB of RAM, so don’t worry. There are two types of memory: Random Access Memory, and Read Only Memory. RAM is temporary information that your computer needs to run programs but it doesn’t save anything. ROM is the actual memory on your hard drive. What you read was the RAM, which is actually a pretty good amount. PS4’s have 500GB of ROM.

  2. The 8GB is for the RAM, which is used for processing. The PS4 comes with 500GB of storage space.

  3. That is the RAM memory you are describing. The Hard Drive space is 500gb, and its easy to upgrade to a larger hard drive later if yoy desire (just takes a standard 2.5 inch SATA drive, can be hdd, solid-state or hybrid). Just for reference, the PS3 had 512 MB of combined RAM, meaning the PS4 has 16x as much RAM (plus the PS3 had DDR3 which has a lower bandwidth than the GDDR5).

    And yes, 8gb is a good RAM number. Not great, but for $400 the PS4 has killer specs. Your average pre-built PC will have around 6 to 8 gb of DDR3, but serious gaming PCs pack up to 16 or even 32gb (a bit overkill really).

  4. There’s only 1 model: 500 gb internal hard drive, 8 gb gddr5 ram.

    Internal hard drive-500gb-stores games (Ps4=2 xbox 360’s)

    Ram-8gb-I don’t know alot about but 8gb is good (AN AVERAGE COMPUTER HAS ABOUT 6GB’S)

  5. No xD dude u dont understand think of it like this the 320g for the PS3 was the space for how much stuff u can save on it DDR5,DDR3 or just plain ram is how fast your console will be and DDR5 ram with 8gs is like the speed of a full gaming pc so trust me PS4 is the best console ever #PS4 FTW #FUCKUXBOX

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