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PS3 Purchasing Help!!?


I am going to buy a 80GB PS3 Fat, but i have a bit of a problem. At the moment I have a PS2, and am planning on selling it with some games I don’t use. This will get me about $200 hopefully. If the 80GB PS3 Fat is not compatible with PS2 Games, I will sell a few other games to get me to the $299.

Here Are My Questions

#1. Will anybody actually pay over $150 for a PS2 with 10 games?

#2. Is the 80GB PS3 Fat compatible with PS2 Games?

#3. Are PS3’s reliable? (i have been through 3 PS2’s in 4 years, don’t want to make the same mistake the 4th time)

#4. Is it possible to get a new PS3 under $299?

Thanks for any help 🙂

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  1. 1. probably not unless the games are new – a used ps2 is worth $35 and games maybe $5 each , but you might find a buyer if lucky

    2. no ps3 now made plays ps2 games

    3. if you treat it like high end equipment then it will last years – well ventilated , dust free , don’t use dirty discs , etc.

    4. not likely but $299 is a bargain for a ps3 system – I paid nearly $1,000 for my 60 gig in 2006

  2. 1. Yes there are people who will pay that price, put an ad in the paper

    2. no it is not, I have one.

    3. Yes I have not had any problem, just don’t ask that for the 360 lol

    4. possible but, it’s highly unlikely.

    Just to let you know the new slim is 120gb for the same price, Same options No compatibility

  3. 1. it’s possible depending on the quality of games but you should consider a lower price your okay with just in case. it also depends on the model of your ps2 and how long you’ve had/used it for.

    #2. the 80GB with 4 USB ports is compatible, to 80GB with 2 is not

    #3. that question qill get you mixed answers. there’s people who have been through several ps3s and some still have their original consoles (me beoing one of them, my 60GB is still going strong_ to prolong the life of your ps3 make sure it’s well vented and keep it as dust free as possible

    #4. if you’re lucky you might find an older model which shoul dhave gone down in price or you might want to consider a refurb model

  4. Answers in order you asked.

    1) No. Maybe 125. I suggest you shop the local game store see how they are selln the ps2 games u have and ps2’s used but a ps2 used won’t be more then 50 or 60 at lets say gamestop.

    2) There was a 80gb ps3 it was bundled with MGS4 and had 4 usb slots and was about 70-80% BC. Then came one with only 2 USB slots and is not BC with ps2 games at all.

    3) The ps3’s are built tough. I’ve ran my 80gb MGS4 Bundle ps3 for 48 hours straight while downloading many demos and it works great going on year and a half so far. Just leave 6 inches on all sides with vents and blow out the dust every 1 to 2 months with a can of air. And you should be fine. Don’t move it while on etc. IM me if you want more tips.

    4) No the lowest price any ps3 has ever sold new is 299. You could get a in store bundle deal and get like 2 controllers a game and movie for like 379 check best buy and other store to see if they offer in house bundles.

    IM me if you have any more questions be happy to help

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