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Project Phoenix VC Demo


Project Phoenix VC Demo


  1. I was under the impression that battles are more in-depth and tactical. This is just hack and slash…

  2. Trash….. is where this game belongs, next to tge E.T. catriges in the desert. Where the hell is the JRPG in this game?. Has to be a spoof or a prank, can't believe this game is made by "profesionals".

  3. Man I don't want to be a doomsayer but holy shit this does not look good for how long its been. I only donated a small amount but I feel bad for the people who donated a lot. However horrible the gameplay seems, the art is still nice.

  4. Let's just hope this is a very, VERY early version. Because it's very underwhelming, ugly, unpresentable.

    I have such high hopes for what was promised on Kickstarter. Well, I'm noone to talk since I didn't fund Project Phoenix. Then again, they had NOTHING to show at their kickstarter campaign. There have been so many frauds and fails with crowdfunding already…I can't just blindly trust anyone there. Same thing with Romero's "Blackroom", which is running on kickstarter at the moment. There's only promises of an oldschool experience, but nothing consistent.

  5. I've figured it out. This game screams high school project. Clearly, one guy tried really hard. Emphasis on tried. Another never made it through English II. A third guys girlfriend did voiceover work so her idiot of a boyfriend could take a hint. And the fourth guy slept the entire time.

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