One Piece: Burning Blood - First Impressions, WHY SO MUCH HATE?! (Online Gameplay PS4)


  1. The moment I quit this game and sold it was when I reached Blackbeard fight in the Whitebeard story. So I fight Akainu TWICE for no reason, then move on to fight an OP version of Blackbeard that has a x5 damage and defense multipliers? FUN STUFF!!! Absolutely poorly designed story that reflects how LAZY the developers were. The story is literally tacked on at the last minute with no thought to the progression. Give me another Pirate Warriors…

  2. you must be a fucking fanboy, this game is thrash is not even a decent fighting game. Is NOT "hate"is all about Quality asshole.

  3. sad the battle sistem SUCKS ball better than jstar hell yeah but still t slow,no special move cooldown the spaming is worst than storm,really unbalanced chars(marco,gear 4 luffy,kizaru,enel and more)the story well SUCKS one arc really?broken support good things graphics,all the intros,awsome specials,cloth damage,stage damage awsome menus but they really need t improve the battle sistem in the next game

  4. You have to point it out when they fuck up a game if you remain silent they will never learn to improve.in saying that I was the one guy who said this game is terrible before release cause I knew it was just a pvp game with a shitty story that doesn't last long.this needs to stop this game is embaressing.its good for just pvp players but it isn't gonna attract to a big audience because some people just wanna have fun and walk around as one piece characters and relax we don't wanna be frustrated with people in constant pvp one piece is about having fun dont turn this into a pvp franchise please! Stop fucking up this franchise

  5. The only character i wanted to play was Rob Lucci but is a support why it isn't he a playable character. I am not hating this game but I wish they had listened to the fanbase.

  6. This game is pure trash it lacks a good move set alot of the characters don't fight like they do on the show and to top it off their incredibley slow

  7. Single Player Story mode suck. So I didn't bought it. I like the game, but it need to lower it price if they want me to purchase a piss poor story mode.

  8. overhype broken trash game it has the worst graphics i rather play pirate warriors 3

  9. this game is a game you play for fun fighting games should be competitive theirs no COmbo cancels stragies all you do is spam the same combos

  10. Oh and answering your question about the unit roster: If they gave us Magellan, Caesar, Tashigi, Monet, Vergo and Lucci, the roster would be perfect for the first game of the series. Magellan and Caesar were two of the coolest characters in Pirate Warriors 3, I don't get why they were left out.

  11. lol yea the salt is real with the haters. Its unfortunate that people no longer want to put in time to understand fighters before giving their opinion on it. Oh well at least the people who will attempt to understand it will have a good time with it.

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