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Need for Speed Rivals – Review


Need for Speed Rivals - Review


  1. NFS MOST WANTED 2005, NFS Undercover and NFS World are the best NFS
    This is worst review ever i saw, really
    EVEN NFSUC is better than Rivals

  2. What they should add after wrecking a cop or busting a player, is a cutscene of how the car gets totalled like in NFS Hot Pursuit(2010). But slightly different.

  3. I just bought it on PS3 from the PSN (6$) and I must say… If you want something optimized with the old gen console, avoid it at all cost!

    The PS3 version, while "okay" on most of its core is filled with issues related to how the console keeps being unable to render or calculate things appropriately.

    On the PS3 version, you will see :
    • Racers AI running right through BOTH AI cops and civilian cars as if they weren't there.
    Many times I got "crushed" as a Cop as I was pursuing a racers (AI) which as it went onto the opposite lane went through civilian cars while I got the full front impact against said car making me loose my target instantly. Even worse, they also pass through blockade while YOU take the hit as you were following the AI racer 2m behind it thinking "He'll get crushed between both of us" only to notice that it passed through the blockage's cars (without any collision) while you get your face smashed into your AI driven allies cars right behind it.

    • Cars disappearing and appearing when they are as close as 30m away.
    The PS3 and XBOX360 have a really hard time rendering the area around the player and the main part that gets "crushed" is the background element first (sometime, you see fences appearing 1m away) and then the AI cars. The faster you go, the bigger the risks of seeing a car appearing right in front of you as you move at a deadly speed.
    This also means that, sometimes, the cops' EMP simply can't lock-on from 30m away as the car isn't "rendered" and its collision box isn't even detected. In a game where you move as fast as in Need for Speed, the cops player really are at a disadvantage on the PS3.
    Even worse, sometimes, the AI racers themselves disappear while you're right NEXT to them. This is because the game automatically remove and add new racers based on each players' locations, but as the console have a hard time calculating everything, it removes AI racers based on "outdated" position data.

    • Online lag compensation that doesn't match with the console capacity.
    When 2 players are close to each other, their console share data regarding the position of each "AI" around them so that both can see the same "obstacles". What happens when 1 of the 2 consoles fails to calculate the data as well as the other one? Well… things like AI racer and cops that move at 400 km/h out of nowhere is one example. (You keep following a racer and you know you're faster than him.. yet at some point, he goes 2x faster than you out of nowhere. Same as for the cops when the player is a racer.)

    • The most stupidest Cops Car AI ever created.
    This might not be only on the PS3/XBox360, but I guess the lack of memory available for the engine to manage the AI could be part of the cause at some point. In Need for Speed : Rivals, the most insane enemy for BOTH Cops and Racers player is the AI Cops around. AI Cops will do "anything" to stop a racer… even if it hinder the OTHER cops.
    They will smash friendly players' car out of the way. They will call in level 1 and 2 assets at the worse part. They will smash anything in their way… friendly or foes. When I chase a racer as a cops, as soon as the racer gain Heat level 3, hell break loose and more than half of the damage received on my car during the chase are done by friendly cops who ram me in the rear, push me out of the road, call blockade that cleanly only hinder the players (as AI racers usually cross them without collision) and even call in light-spot choppers that, for a reason, AIM their blinding light at the players around (even cops) and does absolutely nothing against the AI racers.
    Even AI made for cops behaviors on PS1 games at the time act better than NfS:Rival's Cops (on PS3/Xbox360 at least). That's a fact.

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