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Natural Doctrine Video Preview


Natural Doctrine Video Preview


  1. I saw this at the game store earlier.
    It's uglier than I thought and has boring/slow paced combat.
    I'm a huge fan of SRPG's but this can't even compare to others.

  2. 3 and a half minutes and IGN is looping footage. Could you not get even five minutes of gameplay recorded? Sounds like they just got paid to shill on this one.

  3. PS3 ver cost 50
    PS4 ver costs 60 bucks..

    you freaking kidding me?? same damn game, same damn resolution, but nope, lets add 10$ for the hell of it. 

  4. "Natural Doctrine isn't for the faint of heart or those that lack skills and patience", lack skills ?! How much they paid you to have the balls to put that in. 
    There are tons games that require skills this certainly isn't one of them. It's just selecting the right commands. 

  5. The Problem is, the Game itself explained POORLY to me how the Combat ACTUALY works, so i also thought it is totaly bugged or not working correct.. but it seems i just didnt understood the VERY Complex Battle System..

  6. Don't buy it!!! Please!! Please!!! Go buy gladius on the original xbox for a better game…lol seriously that game does it better and this is on the ps4 with those crappy ass textures,animations,etc…I recommend never buying this game even if it was 20$ spend that 20$ on minecraft on ps4. It'll have better graphics and even sound lol fuk this videogamer ripoff game. Teach this company not to fuk with us.

  7. The battle system looks awesome (I love srpgs) but the animations looks pretty lame, and the character and map details are so bland.  The color palette is bleh.  I really like games like this though.

  8. ok so people claimed they're hardcore gamer because they're good at ds series as in " skilled " but if ur good at this game does it mean ur smart or skilled? both? 

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