Home Xbox Forum my xbox live will not renew?

my xbox live will not renew?


so when I got to use skype, youtube, cod and interenet explorer it says I cant due to my gold running out so i go to renew with the 14 day free trial and when i go to confirm the download it comes up saying i already have a gold membership yet when I got to use the internet it says i dont have gold so what should I DO? thnks in advance

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  1. You are probably best calling Microsoft, they sorted out a similar problem for me a few months ago

  2. They don’t disable access to apps when your gold is running out. If you still have gold, you can’t use a trial code to extend your time.

    Check your account info on Xbox.com and see what it says.

  3. You probably can’t get the 14-day trial if you’ve already gotten a gold membership. The free trial is for new customers.

    Make a new account maybe?

    Pity. not that this does you any good but last month they were offering a free month to everyone regardless of enrollment status.

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