Home Xbox Forum my xbox 360 is getting screen freeze really bad.?

my xbox 360 is getting screen freeze really bad.?


Its slowly been getting worse over the last few months and my warranty is up. i think they sent me a new box when i got my last rrod (says service date 2009-03-10 on the back.) it has always sat in a well ventilated area with nothing above or behind it. my dumbass decided to open it up and blow it out with a can of dust-off AFTER it got really bad. ive heard that microsoft will give you a deal on a new xbox if you have problems with your old one and your out of warranty. any ideas on how to get out of this without spending the full 300 on a new xbox?

I will be checking this so if you need any more info, i will post.

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  1. Since you’ve opened it up, you have voided the warrenty and Microsoft won’t even look at it let alone touch it. I would try to buy a used xbox and sell your old one for parts.

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