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My PS3 network chat is disabled?


When I created a second PS3 account, it told me that the chat was disabled. Now when I go on the network, it won’t show me what everybody else is saying. How can I fix this?
I went to account management on the master account and changed the parental control. But now it says I’m not old enough to access the network! I’m fifteen years old, wouldn’t that be old enough?

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  1. Contact the company n let them knoe it. Do u have a friend who has PS3 network? If yes than contact him/her n tell ur problem. I am sure he will help.

  2. Does it do it for both accounts? if so, try factory defaults. There are internet protocols that handle voice that may be disabled.

  3. You most likely enabled parental controls for the sub account. You can disable these by going in to your original account, then account management. You should find a ‘manage sub accounts’ section somewhere in there, where you can turn them off 🙂

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