Home Playstation Forum My bluetooth headset won’t connect to my PS3.?

My bluetooth headset won’t connect to my PS3.?


I recently bought a bluetooth headset for my PS3, and I had it working fine, but when it died it messed up and i had to delete it, then reregister it. A couple days ago it stopped working so i tried registering it again, and it didn’t work. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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  1. it should stay synched even if it dies , it might be broken?

    go to bluetooth device management , turn on the headset and choose connect. if it’s still synched it will connect.

    if it isn’t showing up try putting it in pairing mode to reconnect it and once paired it should stay paired unless you pair it to another device or disconnect it. if it keeps disconnecting it’s got something wrong with it. I paired my headset 2 years ago and even after moving twice , having it die tons of times etc. it still is paired and can connect.

    make sure you set it up in audio device settings properly too.

    if it’s a sony ps3 headset plug directly to the headset with a charge cable to auto pair it.

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