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Mass Effect Review by IGN


Mass Effect Review by IGN

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  1. its funny cuz i have almost none in fallout new vegas…i heard so many people whining about it…but i had no problems with it and played 150+ hours

  2. those ME3 defenders and people who have never played the first game will never understand why we love mass effect so much…good old times

  3. @33Sexybeast It may well be that most of those technical issues are XBox issues, if you'r a PC player like I am.

  4. @MrSoadrocks well, its more story driven and not as open as F3 but its awesome and if have all parts and u import every time, its just WAY awesome, cant w8 4 part 3

  5. wait, there are choices you can make reagaurding an alian lap dance? im fucking sold.

  6. @zavulon06 only bad thing about the 1st was the loading times in an elevator and the menu you use to use your powers the menu in ME2 is better

  7. I have literally never encountered any of those bugs aside from the texture popping.

  8. @rideSpitfire totally different game than fallout… it's more realistic and better graphics IMNSHO

  9. idk why but i like all the menu and upgrading aspects of your character more than mass effect 2 idk i like the first better

  10. this is the only game I have ever wanted to play just to learn the story over and over. it has amazing voice acting and characters but in all honesty I don't think its that fun of a game, mass effect 2 fixes this.

  11. @rocksock00444 definately. mass effect 2, although SO much better than No. 1, is pretty hard to understand without having completed mass effect 1 beforehand. plus this is only like £10.

  12. Man i love this game got it yesterday lol alittle late i know. but the problem i hve is that my mako gets destroyed all the time from like 8 rockets at one time

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