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Madden 16 Review – Is It Worth It? PS4/Xbox One


Madden 16 Review - Is It Worth It? PS4/Xbox One


  1. Reminded him its just a video game …
    IT IS A VIDEO GAME !!! These fucking weird fucking kids these days .

  2. Is there a create a player mode? Havent played a madden since 13' and there was no create a player mode. I just want to build a beast QB and play season mode lol don't really want to go out and spend the cash on this years madden. Someone help me out

  3. Thank u so much was thinking about getting this but I watched this video waited about 2 weeks. My friend then got it for dirt cheap at GameStop. I play it and it was full of shit. Fuck fill sims and jim nance so I'm done. The only fun thing was drafting players online buts it's not worth 30 bucks in my opinion.

  4. I just got this game the other day it was pre owned I don't like it that much the players run slow and it's to technical the classic madden games were better I will trade this in for another game.

  5. 2k needs to start making football games again, create some competition within the genre.

  6. Big sport fan in general, I'm trying to buy a Football game to play casual/arcade with my friends, which Madden would you recommend? (from Madden 25 to Madden 16) Madden 17 is way to expensive right now for my current budget.

  7. Every 2k football game is better than every ea football game lmfao. Actually, it's not funny. The only football game I play anymore is all pro 2k8 with edited rosters and it's still fun every single day

  8. The game play is waaaaaaaaaaaaayy too slow!! I make my player dodge the defender but my player keeps running straight!! WTH! I can't wait for the NCAA Football! The players in that game react quicker faster stronger!

  9. I have Xbox one is it the same graphics as ps4 I'm think about trade my Xbox one for ps4 should I you tube or no

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