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Let’s Play – Quiplash


Let's Play – Quiplash


  1. I'm watching this in class rn, its completely silent and I've almost burst out laughing like 6 or 7 times 🙂

  2. Just because the audience picks an answer different from yours doesnt mean its a stupid answer. Looking at you dickhead geoff and piece of shit michael

  3. "i'm trying to write kid vagina but it a much safer way" 5:24 I fucking lost it everyone went quiet but didn't comment on it xD

  4. if any one wants to know what it is i warn you its very inapropriate here it is "you watching a cat video so cute youre eyes role out and youre spine comes out of your anus" told you it was inapropriate

  5. For the last one where they cane up with dirty titles for classic video games I came up with "2 Plumbers 1 Princess."

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