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Lemmings For Sony PSP Review – Oh No More Lemmings!


The lemmings for PSP game is the newest incarnation of the beloved classic Lemmings game originally created for Amiga in 1991. Gamers have been playing this game for a long time and it’s only getting better with each new version.

Lemmings are little furry critters that don’t have much of a mind of their own. They will walk to their death if someone isn’t there to guide them and keep them safe. The object of the game is to keep your lemmings alive. You will have a predetermined amount of lemmings at the start of each level, and you must successfully guide them through the level to the exit while avoiding the dangers that lurk around every corner. There are several types of lemmings; diggers, bashers, climbers, floaters, pickers, bombers, blockers, and builders. You must tell these critters what to do to keep them from dying, such as dig through stuff, bombing stuff, climbing stuff, etc. There will usually be a few casualties as sometimes you have to strategically destroy some lemmings to save the majority. As long as you save the minimum number per level, you move on to the next harder level.

The original Amiga Lemmings game was good for it’s time but it was very 90’s, poor sound and video resolution. The new Sony PSP Lemmings version is equip with sound fit for a home theater system and video graphics that are truly up to modern gaming standards. The new version also includes several enhancements that either weren’t available on the older versions or weren’t as good as people would like. The thumb stick has replaced the computer mouse making it easy to move around the screen in levels and scan the entire playing level. You are now able to pause the game while still making changes to the lemmings and scan around the screen, this makes it much easier to keep track of everything that is happening on the level as sometimes things are happening that you can’t see without scanning. There is a fast forward button now, this eliminates having to wait for all your little guys to get to the exit. You can, not only, create custom levels, but now you can upload your levels to the internet right from the PSP so other gamers can play and evaluate them.

Lemmings for PSP is truly the next evolution of the game and is well worth playing. I haven’t been able to stop playing it since I purchased it. If you like puzzle and logic games, you will love Lemmings. If you have no clue what a lemming is, you are in for a sweet surprise. 2 thumbs up for this one, it is well worth the low (at least for now) price.

Lemmings is a truly exciting and inexpensive game that will make you use your brain and give you many hours of enjoyment. To find out more about the game visit my [url not allowed]. To watch a video by the creators demonstrating the game and it’s features, visit my Lemmings video page [http://mi2centz.com/?p=9].

Submitted On March 16, 2008Video Game ReviewsLemmings is an exciting game originally created for the Amiga system in 1991 and has been recently updated and remade for the Sony Play Station Portable. Lemmings is all new for the PSP and is more addictive now than ever before. If you are just into…lemmings,sony psp,lemmings for psp,lemmings for playstation,lemmings games for psp,lemming game

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