Home Videos Leak – Sony Developing A NEW PS4-Pro Model – All Info.

Leak – Sony Developing A NEW PS4-Pro Model – All Info.


Sony working on brand new PS4 console to compete with scorpio.
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Xbox scorpio News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC3YmOvQYDc

Source: http://www.psu.com/news/32580/new-playstation-console

Leak - Sony Developing A NEW PS4-Pro Model  - All Info.


  1. Ultimately, Sony may be developing a new PS4 model, and they are doing it to stay competitive. Keeping the price as low as possible on PS4 is just about the only thing they can do to combat Project Scorpio. ALSO, Finger bang that LIKE button!

  2. More hardware to buy for idiots that love to talk about hardware sales total idiot Ponyboys

  3. no… if this is true , sony is taking the piss out of thier costumers… i dont believe this is true ..

  4. They are not doing another PS4 pro or ps5 they are focused on a PS5 to compete with scorpio.. They have to make a ps5 bcause spec wise xbox wins hands down. and i am a sony fanboy… Incase they do make another pro they need a UHD player i hope to god they dont make a pro slim its an half ass system of the OG ps4 . I really doubt they are going to do a slim why they have no reason to while the scoprio is out they have to focus on making a better system.

  5. You presented a very well thought out opinion. Unlike any of the super biased vids I've seen from you in the past. Good job. I'm subbing.

  6. This will be terrible for them, to release so many consoles will make their fans mad

  7. and i just got the pro a month ago. if they keep the specs the same, i wouldn't mind.

  8. Hopefully they add Backwards compatibility with ps1, ps2 and ps3 games if they do I'll most likely buy it.

  9. Remember that even if the Scorpio outperforms the pro, the scorpio's power will be held back by the pro. Just like how the original Xbox Juan held back the original ps4. Microsoft should concentrate on this generation as well. Why are all these industries trying to push 4K when the majority of people don't even own a 4K tv?

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