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Just got a Xbox 360 got a question?


Hey I got the xbox 360 4gb so I could play Halo Reach with my friends when it comes out and I’ve noticed it kinda pops a little when it starts up. Is that normal? My ps3 slim does that but I think its just because its heating up, but is it okay for the xbox s? Thanks
Well I just got this because my old 360 rroded on me and i stuck the 120gb hard drive from that in my new one. I think its enough space. Besides, I think matte looks better anyway.

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  1. Your Xbox is okay because it always makes noises, but you should have waited and gotten the halo reach limited edition Xbox.

  2. you made a HUGE mistake only buying the 4GB! especially if your a halo player. Halo comes out with TONS of maps, and im sure halo reach will follow. 4GB is going to be NOWHERE near enough space to hold all the maps that will come out, + forge maps you’ve made, and everything else. Have fun only playing halo reach and no other DL content for any other games. Ever.

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