Home Playstation Forum is this right? T mobile hot spot for ps3?

is this right? T mobile hot spot for ps3?


i just bought a t mobile hot spot device from walmart. the one that cost 115 dollars and i also bought a 3.5 gigs 2 months prefill card and i just use it for my ps3 to play modern warfare 3 online. after 1 hour, i check and use 380 MB? and i also had to update my game which cost abot 130 MB is this right? i mean like wow it seems to be i just got ripped off.

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  1. well you didn’t that’s how much internet you really used

    if i were you i will try to return it and i would get something like clear its the same but its unlimited the cheapest its 35 a month which its ok because there is no contract

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