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Is the Xbox 360 Elite a must get?


I am getting an Xbox 360 Elite quite soon and is it good or bad? Better than the Slim? Will it play certain, new games like: Titanfall, Ghosts and Fifa 14 for example. All of which you can the new Xbox logo on the top left hand corner. Please let me know. Cheers 🙂
Just to let you know I am getting it off a friend and I haven’t enough money for a Slim, so yeah.

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  1. Yeah it’s fine it makes no difference, you have to use the old exterior hardrives and it’s lightly bigger and may have a slight amount less frames than a slim but really it makes no difference, on top of this with a console the frames aren’t amazing anyway so it’s not a big deal. Also if I were you I’d save up and get an xbox one or ps4.

  2. No, the Elite is an old model and it is not better than the Slim. All models run games the EXACT same way, the newer models are a more efficient, quieter design.

    Any Xbox 360 can play any Xbox 360 game.

  3. yeah its not bad for a 8 year old tech, just Microsoft and its “Live” that’s the problem.

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