Home Xbox Forum is prototype any good for the xbox 360?

is prototype any good for the xbox 360?



  1. Don’t really understand the other people’s answers but here is a review i wrote. (The game is brilliant btw)

    At first you’ll play the intro bit of the game and think, this is over rated. Then all of a sudden you come out of the appalling intro and things start heating up, the more you play the better the game gets, the more you enjoy it. Because of unlocking loads of abilities and being able to unlock different abilities in this game as you progress, makes this game one of the best games I have played, and not to mention a great concept and storyline to go with it. There is much you can do in this game it’s unbelievable, the whole idea of this game is brilliant and original. I honestly think this game is so good that it would make a great film.

    Oh and ignore IGN’s disgraceful rating, well under rated – A MUST BUY!

    It is probably my second favourite game after Halo 3 🙂

    Hope this helps!

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