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IPAT: Aquanaut’s Holiday: Hidden Memories, Part 1


IPAT: Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories, Part 1

Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories - Great White Sharks & A Big Surprise!


  1. It sucks that it's so expensive. For once i like a game, and it costs so much dam much…

  2. i had to get this when i heard about it lol
    sadly i could only do this game in japanese, but i completed it xD
    i love ocean games.
    endless ocean 1 and 2, and then this.
    also abxu recently is a good game.
    i wanna play this again.

  3. I played the original "game" on the Playstation 1 and didn't even know there was a new one for the PS3.

  4. thanks, Sony is stupid for not releasing this in the US, it's better than many mediocre games on PS3, the story is more interesting than stories in some AAA games, the opening song is beautiful and fit the game.

  5. Kemelman – Pseudo scientist's view of a scientist.
    Jessica – Scientist's view of a pseudo scientist.

  6. I can't find this playlist or the videos on your channel, I had to search for it on youtube. 🙁

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  8. At first I hated watching this IPAT but after watching nearly all the other ones on skunkfooqua I gave this one another try and honestly don't know why it turned me off in the first place.

  9. Is this game still available? was looking for in on my hongkong account.. or is it not a download?

  10. 1:15 – Oh, that's relaxing. Nice calm underwater adventure at Camp Crystal Lake. Thanks, soundtrack, I always forget to clench my sphincter before pressing "Start".

  11. Yeah, standard-def, especially after compression and YT processing, really doesn't do it justice.

  12. F** holy s*** he's still alive omg!!! How did they found me a gladon and got the name? This is horror! Just kidding its just his size I don't like

  13. I'm curious, considering the warning you got, is it possible to be harmed/killed in this game?

  14. all sharks live in saltwater expect the rainbow fish shark and the bull shark can go on both fresh and saltwater

  15. all mako sharks are the fastest shark and the great white shark was the second prehistoric shark and the whale shark was the largest of the fish and slowest of the sharks

  16. and the small shark is just a shortfin mako shark and its the fastest shark in the world

  17. the big surprise was the megalodon shark and its the worlds largest shark and eats everything but this one is not hungry and its nice

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