Home Playstation Forum im thinking of trading my ps3 in for a 360.your opinions?

im thinking of trading my ps3 in for a 360.your opinions?


my friend said i should trade my ps3 in for a 360.im gonna trade it in with all the games i have for it about 10-15 or sumthing like that.im also trading in my guitar hero stuff too and my ps3 controllers.so how much extra money will i have and should i still do it

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  1. gravesfo.dont even start on failing

    and if i were you i wouldn’t the ps3 is coming of with some VERY good exclusives and you’ll say aww why did i trade it in =[

    plus think of all the extra accessories your going to have to buy that are all free on the ps3

  2. I would say no. Although 360 is a very good system, watch out. You do have to pay just to get on the internet. My boyfriend and I had 360 to start out with, but ended up switching to the PS3.we like it much better!!

  3. ps3 will be better – more features – free online – PLAYSTATION HOME – among others

  4. DO NOT DO IT! think of whats coming kingdom hearts 3 final fantasy 13 and so much more! I’m not sure if your a serious gamer like me but when the ps2 came out the ps1 and n64 were killing it. but look what happened there now the ps2 is the most successful console ever!

    so don’t do it your friends just an idiot. i agree 360 is good so save for 1 but don’t do any thing dumb and if you do actually decide to sell it contact me @ [email is not allowed] well talk cash

  5. ROFL if you want to do that then go right on ahead. Thats funny I did the same thing with my Wii traded for the 360 and after the RROD of death happened I was out of a game system till I was able to buy my PS3 and the Wii that I got rid of is still working. I should have known better I know personally know 4 people that have 360s Mine and 3 of my friends one guy is on his second one and one guy is on his third one the 4th guys is still working but he rarely ever plays it only to play Mass Effect so out of 4 360s only one of them is still working. Yahoo had an artical 2 days ago on the 360 failure rate and the fact that microsoft knew this but sold the units anyway. If you get rid of your PS the your gonna make someone a very happy person. Your loss is their gain

    You havent said what type of PS3 it is so cant really tell you how much you will get but the 360s are dirt cheap now so you could probably get change out of your sofa to pay for one.

  6. If you’re not using it then yes. If you do use it then no.

    If you do get an xbox make sure you get one of the ones that runs cooler. You should also consider the fact that a lot of 360s break.

    My elite is still running despite being in a room with very hot conditions/dust, and It came in a box that had a huge dent in the corner (got hit or dropped) and the little breathing hole plate next to the HDD was torn and warped. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning it and its been going good since. I’m just one of the lucky ones I guess.

    My ps3 has been running flawlessly and I even installed linux so I got a “backup” computer. Some bad (cool) lookin games are coming out for ps3 too.

    I’m actually waiting for my 360 to break so I can get one of the newer ones. 3 or 400 dollars is super easy to save up by just setting aside a little money every week 😉

    (truth be told I say keep what you got. You seem to have a lot)

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