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I have an xbox 360 arcarde and want to hook up my My Passport 500 gig External Harddrive; I need help!?


I have a Macbook Pro, but I don’t see why that would be an issue. I have a really basic Xbox360 Arcarde, no big harddrive, its the bare minimum. The best answer will be chosen on who gives me advice that works!

I am trying to use it for its intended purpose, not saving, but streaming media from.
Update 2:
My Passport is USB Powered, no external power necessary. I don’t want to stream from my computer!
Update 3:
I need step by step instructions, including how to do that fat32 thing, using a powerbook pro only. Windows instructions won’t help me!

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  1. Non-USB powered external hard drives do not work with the Xbox 360. I learned this the hard way. The only external drives that work are USB flash drives. So you could buy a 4gb one and transfer over the files from the Passport drive to the USB drive when you want. Other than that and streaming it from your computer there is nothing you can do.

    What you can do (as said above) is stream it from your Mac to your 360. You need a router, and both the Mac and the 360 must be connected to the router. You also need Windows Media Player, the Mac version can be found here [url is not allowed]. (but do check to see if there is an updated version)

    To stream it you must:

    1. import the files into WMP, so have your Passport drive plugged into your Mac and use the import feature.

    2. once imported you must allow file sharing. in WMP go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, select the LIBRARY tab and go down to SHARING. Select the configure sharing button (your 360 must be on) and allow sharing to your 360.

    3. reset the 360 and go to My movies (or music or pictures) give it a minute and your Mac should show up on the list. Select your computer and the files should show up.

  2. What do you need help with? On the Mac, you need to make sure it’s formatted as a Windows disc using the Disk Utility as the 360 cannot read a Mac OS HFS-formatted disc. Once it’s Windows FAT32-formatted, you can just plug it into either the 360 or the Mac as needed.

  3. The 360 can only use official hard drives and memory cards for game storage. Externals can stream media, but they have to be FAT32.

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