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I Have a PS2 and I’m thinking about getting a PS3. Will the PS2 games work on the PS3?


also if it’s possible why don’t you just buy ps2 games for $40 instead of buying the ps3 game for $60?

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  1. The only PS3 models that play PS2 games are the launch models: 20GB and 60GB which were later scrapped by Sony in 2007 and the 80GB Motorstorm bundle and the current Metal Gear Solid 4 80GB bundle.

    Only the current 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle model PS3 will play PS2 games. The 40/80GB “core” PS3 model will not play PS2 games!

    Sony stated during the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) that they were doing away with Backwards Compatibility in furture PS3 models!

  2. yes just as long as your PS3 and PS2 game are of the same region. I’m just buying PS2 games for the reason that they have no copy for the PS3 (just like Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 2).

  3. You have to buy a backwards compatible one. Right now they do not sell any more backwards compatible ones. The original 60gb one and the older 500$ 80gb one (metal gear solid 4 bundle) are both backwards compatible. If it means that much to you than look for one of these on ebay or craigslist. Otherwise buy a newer one and keep your ps2 as well.

  4. As Phade said, look for the 80gb Motorstorm bundle or the Metal gear bundle, both these will play PS2 games, though it will require a download from the PSN.

    As for why you’d pay the extra $20 for the same game, the PS3 version has far superior graphics.

  5. Yes. You can also purchase PS1 games and play them on your new PS3. This is due to Playstation’s backward capability. This allows the newer console to read all disk formatted to Playstation. However, if you just don’t want your old games, you can trade them in with your PS2 in order to receive credit towards your new PS3. Most game stores will do this and it can take off a huge chunk of change off the cost. You can also look into getting a used PS3, as they refurbish them to ensure they work properly. Best of luck!

  6. No, Sony took that feature out of the systems. The reason to bu a PS3 version of a game is because it will look and sound better.

  7. No, If you want to play PS2 games you will have to buy a used 20/60 or old 80GB.

    And it might not work properly and might be some dialouge problems and stuff.

    So the new PS3s 80/60GB cant play PS2 games.

    “also if it’s possible why don’t you just buy ps2 games for $40 instead of buying the ps3 game for $60?”

    Because some PS3 games are not for the PS2, The PS3 version will have More features and better graphics.

    A lot of people have a PS3 but keep their PS2.

    Hope i helped.

  8. if you get a 20gb, 60gb, or an old 80gb ps3 then ps2 games will work on the ps3. but not on the 40gb or new 80gb. currently only the new 80gb is being retailed. and about getting ps2 games instead of ps3, the ps3 games are so much better quality and definitely worth the extra 20 bucks. and not all games that come out on ps3 come out on ps2 so you are missing out on some games.

  9. Yes I have ONe you can play ps2 games on ps3 but you can’t play ps3 games on ps2

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