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i am buying some ps3 games. but i cant decide between fallout 3 and mass effect triology. can some one tell me which is better and why.?



  1. I liked both so have to say both are worth buying so it realy depends what type if game you want

    I’ll tell you my opinions and you can choose based off that if you want

    fallout 3 is a fun rpg game where you can play in 1st person or third person and its basically a shooter set in a large open world that has about 65 to 70 hours of game play to complete the story and all of the side quests but uit has some glitches and even after you update it you will have the game freeze and sometimes you get ttuck in areas of the map so save often and save manually because if you don’t you can lose hours of game play when you have to load an old save , there is some good dlc that adds beween 3 and 5 hours of game per dlc pack but if you don’t get the game of the year edition the dlc costs more than the game will cost you

    mass effect triplogy is 3 huge rpg games with one massive story , the first game has a few issues with controls and camera angles since it was made for pc a long time ago and ported to ps3 way later but the graphics are great and the story is great too.

    the second and third games have good controls and graphics are amazing and they all have one amazing interlinked story and characters that carry over from one game to the next – you can load the save file from mass effect when you start mass effect 3 and it uses your character and your choices when you get the story for the second game and which charctaers live and die will decide which are available in the second game , the third game uses your save from mass effect 2 the same way so every choice and every conversation makes a difference in how the characters interact and how the story goes plus you can have a love interest which makes a difference. there is also a lot of exploration available where you can explore every planet and find side missions and items that you use to upgrade your weapons and powers. it can take 250 hours to beat all 3 games and all of the side missions and dlc

  2. I prefer Fallout. After a few “must do” missions at the beginning, it is completely open. There is a method to completing the game, but you can take all the time you want to do it. Mass Effect (to me anyway) seems to be more structured, as in do A then B then C without much leeway. Kind of like Borderlands. open world, but more structured than Fallout.

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