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How To Play Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One


Here we take a look at how to play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox one and we do some gameplay as well.

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How To Play Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One

XBOX ONE PLAYS XBOX 360 GAMES? How It Works : Black Nerd E3

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  1. Can someone please tell me how I can play Xbox Live games I bought on the 360 on the xbox one

  2. Can you use xbox 360 backgrounds for the Xbox One? I'd like to use my Skyrim,Alduin Word Wall theme as my Xbox One background.

  3. My xbox one doesn't recognize one of my xbox 360 games which is Terraria. I do not have it on a disk, and I have checked the store for terraria but still tells me I have to pay for it. Any suggestions?

  4. Does it works only with codes? or can you do it with discs too? I mean if I use a disc on a xbox 360 with my one user and then try to play it on my one?

  5. Guys I put my 360 profile in my one but it doesn't show ready to install(Black Ops 1) Please help.

  6. it would gladly make my day if they would just put Ultra Street Fighter 4 on Xbox one to play but no they won't…..

  7. I have an xbox one, and I bought Assassains Creed 1 Platinum Hits for xbox 360, and I'm pretty sure that the game is back compatible, but when I insert the disc, it says that the game is not playable, can anyone please help me?

  8. Great help I wanted to play call of duty black ops 2 on my Xbox 1 but had to make sure it works

  9. Thanks man, really helped me to understand how to play my old games, keep up the good work!

  10. I've never understand why Microsoft don't make the consoles able to read the old console games. On PlayStation 2 you can play PlayStation 1 games, on PlayStation 3 you can play the PlayStation 2 game, etc. Don't know why Microsoft don't do the same.

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