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How do I setup Xbox LIVE?


How do I setup Xbox LIVE? I heard that the Xbox 360 60GB has a built-in wireless detector that would be able to detect a router. I have a router, but I have no clue how to setup Xbox LIVE! I really want to play it, and may be download some music for Soul Calibur IV. Please help me, I want to play with others online! Whoever gives me the most detailed, step-by-step answer gets! Thank you so much! 🙂

*I want to set this up through my router*

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  1. You have to have the wireless network adapter to access a wireless network, this is NOT built in to the console. It’s an accessory you have to buy seperatly. It attaches on the back of the console and plugs into the USB port on the back. Once your connection to the internet is setup you can sign up for Xbox live from one of the menus in the Xbox Dashboard.

  2. Okay Here’s what your are going to need to do.

    Sadly, no Xbox 360 has a built in wireless detector

    And I don’t think you have a Wireless Router.

    But all you need to do is:

    STEP ONE: Buy a Ethernet cable that could stretch to your TV

    STEP TWO: Connect your 360 to the Router via Ethernet Cable

    STEP THREE: Start up your xbox (A dashboard update is required, it will take a couple minutes)

    STEP FOUR: After the update, go to the Dashboard and select “Join Xbox Live”

    STEP FIVE: Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account

    STEP SIX: Sign in the Xbox Live Dashboard and add your Xbox Live Membership.

    Hope it helps!

    -Kier *psst* make mine the best answer =)

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