Home Xbox Forum How do I get my 360 to work through Surround Sound?

How do I get my 360 to work through Surround Sound?


My Xbox 360 is connected to the TV by a HDMI cable. The Xbox is one of the older ones; the silver disc tray one.

I don’t believe there’s either an optical sound cable port; suprising seeing as even the PS2 had one.

The surround sound is a Onkyo with Bose speakers and there are many sound ports in the back.

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  1. Since your Xbox is already connected by HDMI to your TV you just need audio out from the TV to your Onkyo. You didn’t mention make/model of the TV or model # of the Onkyo but I would think they both have digital audio connections, either coaxial digital (s/pdif) or optical digital (Toslink s/pdif). Just figure out which they both have (and they could both have both, in which case I’d go coaxial rather than optical, as it’s usually considered better quality) and use the correct cable. If you go Toslink see if you can find glass fiber rather than plastic, for better quality. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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