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Heavy Rain for PS3!?


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This game is going to have AMAZING graphics!

There is no way those the 360 would be capable of those graphics.

What do you think of the game?
What is with you wii fanboys on the playstation section? Conduit is just another fps. Ohh! You’ve never heard of Metal Gear Solid 4?


  1. woah that looks sweet even doe i own a 360 but i hope i getta play this game i hate wii fanboys theyy come on her to talk about ther lil shooter conduit well geez finally u MIGHT get something worth playing.

  2. %$^@ the wii fanboys with that gay @$$ conduit a piece of crap fps you’ll again heavy rain has the realest graphics only on ps3 so it is gonna be amazing but problem is i want more gameplay of it but it looks good

  3. That graphics kicks @$$, Wii is not good in graphics, X-Box 360 is not original, all bow down to the PS1, 2, and 3.

  4. yes the game does look really good. cant wait till it releases.

    those wii fans boys are just jealous, because they have an inferior console.

  5. Those graphics look pretty insane to me, but becarful they are just screen shots not the actual game

    Man i hate ROB he has so many accounts that he just brags about the wii, i dont even know what conducted is.

    ROB-You can go cream yourself over your stupid games and wii, Nobody else cares!!,

    We would much rather play games like GTA 4, and COD 4, ect.

  6. Yeah it looks great. I’d like more info on the actual gameplay though. I’m sure it will be awesome because the developers are apparently very good. I never played Indigo Prophecy, but it is supposed to be one of the best PS2 games.

    Hopefully Heavy Rain will turn out as good as it looks.

    And seriously, what’s the point of being a Wii fanboy here? The PS3 and Wii are not competing. Their target audiences are totally different.

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