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Game Sack – The Sony PlayStation – Review


Game Sack - The Sony PlayStation - Review

Sony PSone PlayStation review. http://classicgameroom.com/vaultpages/vaultpage/sony-psone-playstation/

Classic Game Room reviews the SONY PSone video game console. Released about five years after the original, this smaller PlayStation plays PS1 games and works with all original accessories. Comes with a PSone controller and external power supply.

Classic Game Room - SONY PSone console review


  1. Childhood systems i got in chronological order. NES – birthed my love for gaming. MegaDrive – confirmed my love for gaming for the rest of my life. PS1 – perfected everything i loved about gaming and changed my life forever. Hands down these 3 systems are untouchable in terms of retro gaming and all the amazing games they have

  2. I am surprised you didn't mention the visualizations on some PlayStation systems. This is a hardware ester egg.

    To find out if yours has visualizations:
    1) put music CD in system
    2) start music
    3) press select

    At this point you should see visualizations on the TV. If you do, you can cycle through them by pressing left or right.

    |-O-| (O) |-O-|

    Jade Cocoon is one of my favorites along with Vagrant Story.
    The Gran-Turismo Franchise is cool and Dave is a stupid head. lol 😉
    I played Alundra and the puzzles would be good for people in Mensa… which I am not apart of.
    I played Metal Gear Solid seven times back to back. That way I can play Solid Snake dressed in a tuxedo.

  3. Moodokans? Hate that pronunciation its Mudokon, think Mu- Dok- Ans. Just a pet peeve of mine guys go back and listen to Abe when he says what his species is the Mudokans

  4. Nothing odd about the PlayStation controller. It's design was a thing of genius, leading to the DualShock 3 which I consider to be the best controller ever made.

  5. Sony Playstation is a great system and, at least for me, it marks the begining of a great era in games, which died years later at the end of PS2, since I personally don't consider any game console that was released after that. Good times…

  6. The game that caused me to buy the PS1 was GTA 2. I just loved driving around, killing people….

  7. Best games on Playstation:
    All the "Need For Speed" titles.
    Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2
    Syphon Filter
    All "Tenchu" titles.
    All "Tomb Raider" titles.
    PGA Tour '97
    MLB '98
    Knockout Kings 2000
    Darklight Conflict
    Wing Commander IV
    Bravo Air Race
    Shell Shock
    Battle Stations

  8. Had to comment just for the R-Type Delta showcase. I never managed to get past stage 4 though, but damn, was it good!

  9. I've had one PlayStation 1…in 17 years. Tempted to ask what others do to their systems

  10. Picked one up the same day I got my reserved copy of Wind Waker (original PlayStation broke a while back, was really missing the use of it). Binged all my old PS1 games while getting down on the GameCube. An epic gaming time in my life.

  11. people criticise the xbox one for looking like a VCR, yet the ps1 looks like a toilet.

  12. Whoa, I had that demo disk as a kid, and I haven't seen those demos in at least 10-15 years now! In fact, I used to play the crap out of that stupid Barbie demo because I didn't know what Tomb Raider was yet hahaha

  13. all i need is resident evil, silent hill, and symphony of the night and im fucking complete

  14. PS1 and PS2 the greatest consoles i've ever see in my life.
    lucky i still have my PS2

  15. I still have this since 2001. A Decade later, I bought the original model because I missed the original model so much.

  16. I'll stick to my big PS1, thanks. At least it has a parallel port on the back so I can use cheat devices. My GameShark Pro relies on it, since it has no boot disc. There's also the RGB capability. Composite video is shit. You get bleeding pixels and blurry text because all the video data–color, brightness, contrast, sync–is forced into that one yellow RCA cable. S-Video looks way better than composite but the color data still all rides on one wire, separate from the brightness and sync. RGB, via SCART, JP-21, or VGA, is the best by far. The colors and sync are all on their own separate wires. Don't confuse RGB with the red, blue, and green component cables you find at Walmart. Those are YPbPr, which isn't true RGB because the green wire carries only brightness, contrast, and sync. Your TV uses the data from that and the red & blue phase cables to calculate green color data. It looks nearly identical to RGB, though.

  17. I truly hate what these manufacturers do with the console that they release a big powerful version first, the release slim weaker versios later forcing you to buy the worse smaller ones, take the Playstation 3 for example, the first iteration the big one was more powerful and backwards compatible with PS2 games, same thing with Xbox.
    I had the big PS1 whe I was a kid, I loved it, I loved playing Barbie ad Disney games, and cCrash bandiccot, I sill have all my discs, but someone stole my PS1… I have the small PS2 now (I wanted the big one but when my parents bought it for me couple of years ago they only sold the small one in stores, I play it all the time, I like to play Kingdom hearts and other games like time splitters, in my opnin the PS2 has the best games of any Play station iteration, there are so many I can't get all of them, and I haven't upgraded to a newer Playstation

  18. "BANISHED from Earth Plastic Game Room. Broadcasts from the intergalactic space arcade on its neverending mission to review… EVERYTHING."

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