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For a couple of weeks or months even, the green wifi light on my ps3 keeps going off, whats happening?


I turn on the PS3 and the green light is there, then after playing couple minutes online, the light goes off. Then the PS3 freezes and all you can do to get the green light back is restart the PS3.

I even got a new router but still it happens.

Can some please help me? Is it a problem with the PS3?

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  1. it might be the ps3 or the wifi signal. if the signal is weak or lost the light will go off – it indicates it’s connected.

    check the ps3 under network settings > network status and connections list – look at the signal strength and if it’s steady or goes up and down to see if it’s reliable. if it goes from 80% to 60% and back suddenly it’s the signal being interfered with somewhere. using a wired connection might be necessary.

    you could also look in your routers menu for a log to see if it’ll tell you if and why it’s disconnecting.

    otherwise try a different ps3 if you can ( if a friend can bring his over you could try it and see if its the same )

    if it’s fine on another system or the signal is good then it could be the ps3 wireless that’s failing. you’d have to call sony about it , 1-800-345-7669 or switch to a wired connection if that works.

  2. It happens to me about twice every 12 hours that I play BLACK OPS. As for other online games, it doesn’t do that. Black Ops is really just known to be buggy and known to brick PS3s. That’s why I don’t play it that much.

    As for yours, please be more clear as to what game it does it?

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