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Dragon Fantasy Book I Review (PS3/Vita)


What do Dragons dream of? When they take a little Dragon snooze? Do they dream of mauling knights? I’m not sure, and Dragon Fantasy doesn’t answer that question. But it is the latest PS3/Vita game to hit the PlayStation Store and it certainly looks interesting. Is this a wonderfully crafted classic RPG? Or does it stumble in the present age? Watch my Video Review to find out now!

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Most of my reviews follow this rough score outline, and is an accurate representation of the game as a whole in my general opinion. I don’t generally factor price into my scores because I follow this simple ode “A good game is a good game”. Price is always subject to change, so I don’t factor it. Only Mobile games, which heavily center on price points and value, may have price influence added into the review.

10.0 – A game that receives a 10 is not a perfect game, but it is a game that speaks volumes about our industry. It’s the kind of game that does so many things right. The kind of game that pushes our industry forward, sets standards, raises the bar, and ultimately makes a name for itself. The kind of game we can look back on in 10 years, and still remember it for how incredible it was, and how it influenced our future in the video game industry.

9.0 – A game that is undeniably fantastic. It delivers on every level a gamer could ask for. The musical score, presentation, and gameplay are top notch. Nothing but joy is had from playing such a title. Any minor issues the game may have pale in comparison to everything the game got right.

8.0 – A game that is easily great. Lots of fun can be had here, but there may be noticeable issues that may hinder the experience slightly. Though any issues present don’t take away from the experience to the point of unplayability.

7.0 – A game that seems to have a lot of good things going for it, but has issues that may make or break it for some. The title in question is fun and enjoyable, but may have enough issues for there to be a problem with your experience.

6.0 – A game that had potential, but really drops the ball in some or many areas. Anything from an extreme lack of content, to repetitiveness, to glitches, to an all around boring game, and anything in between, may fall in this score category.

5.0 – A game with many issues. There may be some moments of joy, but it doesn’t last long. Ultimately any fun you do have is incredibly overshadowed by issues.

4.0 – A game with extreme issues. It’d be hard to find any enjoyment in the title. Some mechanics in the game may be broken, making for a frustrating experience. There may also be a clear lack of polish or effort present in the game.

3.0 – A game that is nearly broken or offers almost nothing to you as a gamer. The game either has so many issues that it’s unplayable, or it just doesn’t offer any sort of fun at all.

2.0 – A game that makes you question if it even is a game. Something that makes you wonder what went into the thought process when the game was being made.

1.0 – A product that is using false marketing. You are being sold a ‘game’ but the ‘game’ in question has no redeeming values whatsoever to a gamer. Free wouldn’t even be worth it. Your time on this earth shouldn’t be spent playing this product.

Dragon Fantasy Book I Review (PS3/Vita)


  1. Is there a psychical release for this game? I bought Dragon Fantasy The Black Tome of Ice, from Limited Run Games and I love it. However I have had quite a bit of bugs, and the game freezing several times.

  2. This game is fantastic. All bugs have been fixed and I recommend it to everyone. (Even if you haven't played Classic RPG's)

  3. whens book II couming to europe. Book I has rescently arrived and id like to see book II soon.

  4. Not to be a grammar/pronunciation nazi. But the word homage the H is silent.
    Sort of like( Ohm-a-j )

  5. heard about this game on ign's podcast beyond, after seeing your review now i'm down to get it.

  6. So is it just graphical differences between the PS3/Vita version and the Android version? I don't have a Vita and only like to play these kind of games on a handheld so I was thinking about getting the phone version. Graphics don't matter that much to me, when there is an option to play in older style graphics I usually pick them, like Cave Story.

  7. I don't like listing the price because price is always going to change. In 6 months what I say may not be relevant anymore.

  8. oh thank god there will be a patch… for christ sakes the game isnt complete garbage but missing with your attacks all the time is

  9. Still no word regarding an EU release for this one! What with Machinarium and Nun Attack seemingly still no closer to launching over here, and now Dragon Fantasy too, I'm starting to fell a little peeved. Plus there's the fact that we've heard no news whatsoever as to whether Muramasa Rebirth and/or Dragon's Crown are headed to Europe or not either. Come on SCEE, please get your act together guys!

    Anyways, sorry about my moody tone, it's been a (very) tough day today. Here endeth the rant.

  10. Great review as always! Might actually pick this up when I get money, seeing that my Vita is getting hungry for some new games.

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