Home Xbox Forum Do I need an XBox Live Gold Membership plus Microsoft Points?

Do I need an XBox Live Gold Membership plus Microsoft Points?


I’m new to the XBox and unsure of what I need.Thanks!

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  1. You don’t need those things but it certainly helps. Without Gold, you can’t play online or join 8-person party chats on Xbox Live. Without Points, you can’t pay to download most of the game add-ons online or get most other things.

  2. The best thing to do is find a one month or 3 month free trial to xbox live gold and that way you can decide if you really want it or not. They usually come with a lot of popular games so if you have a friend that plays xbox, they probably have one lying around somewhere.

  3. Best Buy has the gold membership card and the Microsoft Points. When you get the Gold Membership you go on your Xbox account and type in the code on the card.

  4. You only need gold membership if you want to play with others online,get demos 1 week before must other people,etc.Microsoft points are like xbox money you use them to buy items for your avatar or buy new map packs from certain games and other stuff.

  5. If you want to play online and stuff then yes you would need a gold account, MS points are only needed if you want to buy something from the marketplace.

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