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Darkest of Days (HD) Review and Gameplay!!!


Darkest of Days (HD) Review and Gameplay!!!


  1. I know you you probably won't read this, but the studio that made this game is actually based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Seeing you wear a lot of University of Iowa and Iowa State University stuff figured this would be an interesting fact to share.

  2. um jogo da primeira guerra mundial mais futuristico que cod advanced warfare huehuehue

  3. Google "opinion" and "fact".

    While you're at it, also give "subjective" and "objective" a go.

    You're welcome. Next!

  4. Hey my sons kind of you know in the head so can you take it easy? I'll make sure he doesn't bother you again okay. We share the same account if you were wondering.

  5. That makes no sense. I have a ps3, Xbox 360, and an Alienware gaming pc. Fuck off. You must be blind if you think a low budget, piece of shit game like this looks good.

  6. Ya you should buy a better pc. I assume you still live with your parents, or your job is not paying well. Because you should have a gaming pc if you want to play games. 😀

  7. The graphics in this game will never look good. They'll always look fucking hideous. There is no goddamn reason why a game in 2009 should look this bad. The textures are so ugly, they'd give Duke Nukem Forever a run for its money. The animations are stiff, the physics are almost non-existent, and the worst part are the textures on pretty much everything. They all look like shit. The gun textures, ground textures, wall textures, everything. The trees are fucking 2-d for god sakes. Open your eyes.

  8. First of all, watch your language. 2nd, what are you playing on? Pc or xbox360? If your playing on xbox, then that explains the bad graphics. :P. My pc can play the game on high everything so the graphics look amazing.

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