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Classic Game Room – TOY SOLDIERS: WAR CHEST review


Classic Game Room - TOY SOLDIERS: WAR CHEST review


  1. this game worked fine for me cost me 14 bucks new and I had so much fun with this laying waste with cobra gi joe and Master of the universe.

  2. fuck this game it's bad because it won't even function i got a brand new copy of the game from gamestop it installs shows a laggy cutscene goes to main menu and freezes. I even switched it for another new copy and same issue happened that's sad when it's so bad it won't play even the crappiest of games at least let you play it to know it's bad

  3. I love it… for $30 it's a big, radical barrel full of nostalgic cheap thrills! Yeah, so it's got a previous-gen game engine… the price is right and it's fun.

  4. In case anyone was wondering this game was created , produced and developed in Bothell Washington near Seattle.

  5. CGR HD, We have yet to figure out the "HD" means! Love the old intro,simple and classic.

  6. Sucks that the games locked at 30 in pc and has dlc equal to the price of the game on day one .

  7. This game looks right up my alley. Hopefully they make a sequel with more licenses and better environments

  8. Mark, you should review Transformers Devastation when it comes out! It's right up your ally, awesome classic 80s cartoon transformers style with nice graphics and smooth fighting gameplay. (unfortunately not for the vectrex..)

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