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Classic Game Room HD – NEED FOR SPEED: SHIFT review Pt1


Classic Game Room HD - NEED FOR SPEED: SHIFT review Pt1


  1. Turn off all assists, switch to manual transmission and play the best racing game you have ever played.
    The cars handle and operate as real cars, truly. It is a challenge to play and the manual transmission, firstperson and no assists make it fun and challening. But you can actually get good at it.

    It feels like you are really driving a car, if you look down on the pedals while shifting, breaking or accelerating you can see the drivers legs push down the pedals. You can see his arm reaching for the stick and he even moves the stick into the correct gear while pushing down the clutch.

    You can pick many cars and it really depends on what track you are driving, genuinely.
    It also matters if the car is 4 wheel drive, front-wheel drive or rear-wheel. They all operate differently!

    Even when you upgrade the car you can see the brake disks getting changed Etc.

    If you want to enjoy this game and notice all the fine details, turn off all assists, switch to manual transmission and notice how every aspect of the car feels real.

  2. If NFS Pro Street played like NFS Shift 2 and had the same driving mechanics, that would probably be the best game ever.

  3. Many people say this title is shit, Personally i never EVER played any other game that actually convinces me that i am driving a car or creates the illusion so convincingly. 
    Take a Fully tuned Porsche 911 gt3 push the over-steer slider up to 75%, put in a few laps at Silverstone to get used to the car, then turn up the volume. Believe this!!!  you will have fun!. Throwing the car round the track and catching the back end of the car feels great.  This game has not aged in my opinion.  
    The sense of speed is incredible, yet not over done, and they never topped that with that massive pile of shite shift 2 either. God i fucking hate that game, its virtually unplayable. The physics are not 100% realistic in shift 1, but they are good enough to make me smile. 

    In this game cars at start have no character. You the player must add that in yourself by tuning them, specially the RWD cars, pushing up the over-steer slider can completely change these cars into big, big fun.
    I am a big fan of the so called "real sim", Raceroom R,E, but even though i love raceroom it does not convince me i'm driving at all. It just feels like all the rest, another computer game.
    Love this game for what it is, and there is no wonder it got great reviews when it was released. I don't think any other game released on the ps3 beats this game, even now. I like GT6, but gt6 feels weak as piss next to playing shift.  

    Why are people saying its shit simply because its not got an r-factor 2 physics model?  I don't get that???
    Name me one other game that creates the illusion the way this game does? And its not shift 2 either. That game is fucking horrid, next to this game it feels slow and clunky and makes me want to smash the t,v, Oh and the steering model in shift 2 is soooooooo bad you can't even line the car up coming into a corner. You are simply fighting to actually keep the car on the track, anywhere on the track.

    Another point i want to make, The A,I, in this title is incredible, some of the races are a complete and utter battle. 
    I never played any other game where the other cars on track act just like real people as much as they do in this title. Its as though you are racing real people on-line its that good.
    Some of the blocking, paint trading, side slamming, and retaliating moves they do are fantastic. 
    Sightly Mad can do no wrong in my eyes, because they created  NFS, Shift.  
    The crazy, mad shaking cockpit view! the speed blur! the awesome crashes!, the great A,I, the playability! the sound! the fun physics model! the immersion!  What's not to like ??
    I can see what the dev's were trying to create here with this title, and in my opinion they succeeded. Its a great game.

  4. My advice or this game is turn all the driving aids off: becomes a million times more tense and enjoyable

  5. I was playing Need for speed long before you could change anything on your car. Yes, customization was unique and interesting, but that's not what made me play NFS in the first place.

  6. You kidding me? Underground 2 is widely considered to be one of the best games in the series, before all the stuff turned to Burnout… 😛

  7. That's no ta real NFS game. Fake tuners and boring city roads are the exact opposite of a good game.

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