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Classic Game Room HD – BLITZ: THE LEAGUE 2 review part 1


Part 1 of 2. Classic Game Room HD reviews BLITZ THE LEAGUE 2 for the Playstation 3 PS3. Blitz The League II is available on PS3 and Xbox 360 from Midway. Featured in this Blitz the League 2 review is gameplay footage of the Blitz football video game being played in HD. Blitz is an awesome sports game because it completly over the top with violence, sex and drugs. Given an M Mature Rating, Blitz is meant to be rough and tough and damned entertaining. Featuring a full on score of rap and metal, Blitz is an arcade style football action game featuring the star of your team, Franchise. Name your players, create your team colors and uniform and even choose a logo. Blitz 2 is fun from top to bottom and this review shows that. You’re rewarded for late hits, dirty tackles and your cheerleaders are half naked strippers who can barely dance. Basically this game has it all for those of us who want a fun football game without all the BS stop and start penalties. Classic Game Room HD reviews PS3 games and is a high def playstation 3 reviewer. There is trophy support and there’s trophies to be won for PS3, the Xbox 360 has Blitz 2 achievement points. There are codes to unlock touchdown dances.

Classic Game Room HD - BLITZ: THE LEAGUE 2 review part 1


  1. "I know more more about Star Trek than I do the rules in football."
    Me too, man, me too. Nerds unite!

  2. Blitz The League 2 is 3/5 great game it upgraded a lot since the first one. I lost to L.A Riot in Division 2 by a great comeback but every other team except the Regulars/Nightmare are pretty normal but RT I got 6 tds with Kwazi alone 462 yds

  3. It's sad that over-the-top football games like this and Mutant League Football are nowhere to be found today and instead we're treated to shitty, annual entries of the boring Madden/NCAA simulations.

  4. @Dragonforce1336 I agree that it has the potential to be a great game. I love the dark storyline also. I also beat every team in the game, but had to try twice against the Riot and Nightmare. I knew those teams were going to be bad. I have no problem with that. The problem hey man when I was playing against some crappy team, and all of a sudden they turned into the harlem globetrotters.

  5. It's enraging because Blitz the league 2 was actually better than the 1,but the public just decided to not play it when it is really a cool football game and for once it has a darker story.

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