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CGRundertow NEED FOR SPEED: SHIFT for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGRundertow NEED FOR SPEED: SHIFT for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. the hardest part of shift 2 was the drifting lessons. i was 13 at the time and am really getting back into the racing and fps other than the medieval titles like the TES series. EA Is the best though i got to say i never like the 2012 most wanted because i still wasnt following the rules like going outside in when turning. i usually let the wall take me where i had to turn. thanks for actually reading this and just flag as spam if it was a waste of your time. or like if you had the same experience as i did

  2. If that's shit what do you call this then? Diarrhea. If anything is boring then this is it but hey what do I know since I don't like racing games or cars for that matter.

  3. If it's pro racing it souldn't be called Need for Speed. Escaping from cops was fun and exhilarating aspect of the game and that made the series so popular.

  4. I'm sorry, but handling is terrible in this game, the car wobbles around like a boat, and that is why i hate it. When it was about to come out i was so excited, but it disappointed me when i saw how bad it was.

  5. This was great. I never saw what the problem was it has a fantastic sense of speed. It fullfills my need for speed

  6. Noting brands like BMW and Porsche as a nod to the variety of cars in this game is like saying " A grocery is a place where someone can purchase a wide variety of food items like Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops." Nicht so gut

  7. Don't care if this isn't a proper nfs. For me, the Underground series isn't nfs either, so what the heck. This is one of my favourite racing games of this generation, so that makes this a great NFS.

  8. Racing fans these days are too fussy over the whole arcade and simulation style racing. That's why a lot of these people call out Shift as being "shit", when it isn't even that bad at all. The worst being the NFS fanbase, because they've always bash these games with so little reason. They even attacked the original NFS Most Wanted when it came out, and we all know how awesome that game was. There's no satisfying these people, and as an optimistic racing fan, I feel bad being part of all this.

  9. This is one of my favorite racing games of all time. Then shift 2 came out and had some of the worst input lag problems ive ever experienced. What a shame.

  10. This is the series the takes hold of me and stops me from abandoning EA, I've played almost every NFS game and ill still play them in the future , just hope there will be good PC ports for them

  11. This new reviewer's speaking style is bugging me and it's prevalent in every one of his videos; the majority of the words are said in a rising tone, making every statement sound like a question, sarcasm (in a bad way), or not even sure what he's saying is correct.

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