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Brutal Legend Walkthrough / Let’s Play / Playthrough – Part 1 – Gameplay [PC/PS3/Xbox360]


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Brutal Legend – Opening – Part 1 (PC / PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360) WALKTHROUGH, LET’S PLAY, PLAYTHROUGH…THING..Walkthrough ? maybe.

This game just recently came out on steam so I decided why not give it a good ol’ playthrough? I never had purchased the game before, so why not!

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Brutal Legend Walkthrough / Let's Play / Playthrough - Part 1 - Gameplay [PC/PS3/Xbox360]


  1. This game reminds me a lot of 'Motorhead' on the Amiga 500 where Lemmy had to smash enemies with guitar riffs, belch green clouds and throw Jack Daniels bottles :oD

  2. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE IN GAME SOUNDTRACK!!!!? u use to be able to listen to music driving around but NOW u can't WHAT THE FUCK!

  3. this fucking subtitle man.. "Oh you're not good at listening to English and you're in a middle of conversation? Let me add some screaming subtitle so you cant read what they're saying"

  4. Mate you need to stop talking.. you're ruining the masterpiece that is Brutal Legend with that voice.

  5. I can summarize this game in a single Jontron quote:

    That's fuckin' metal as fuck, dude.

  6. i was 7 when i watched my dad play this and like jack my dad would show it off to his friends and i to this day 1 love heavy metal and 2 still laugh at ths

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