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Blood Bowl 2 – General Coaching Tips & Tricks


Blood Bowl 2 - General Coaching Tips & Tricks

[PC] Blood Bowl 2 Trainer


  1. I want Change Coach Name But i can't Go online to do it Can you tell Me way in offline The Name right now is Guest we all Guest in this world For Sure But I wanna Change into my name Can you help Bro

  2. i am a absolute noob at bloodbowl but for some reason I decided to go with dwarves. why? becaus I have a knack for loosing it seems? yes! and fuck you, thats why. whoever… i habe learnd for multiplayer that ad a dwarfteam it all depends on the kick and the first four rounds. if they are going well, most oponents racequit, which is quite nice. but as soon as someone knows how to deal with dwarfs the whole game becomes drag. I think my defence is pretty tight but whst I need are solid offence tactics for dwarves. my goal is to become a bad ass dwarf horde.

  3. "Sometimes it's just gonna go wrong.. " (2015, Sheepdog) ..Couldn't be more right ; )

  4. Thank you soo much , i learned many new things , for example that trick with one block before tackle zone to slow down bashing teams as agile team helped me very much , but i still suck as DE .

  5. But thanks for the video! I did take away a few things that will help me out greatly. Just a shame the Ai seems unfair

  6. I'm really struggling with this game. It seems fixed because if my whole team is behind the line I get good roles but as sson as I break the Air teams defence I get shit roles and the Air gets good roles. As soon as my team are behind the line again my roles become decent again. Its the same thing every game.

  7. just bought the game off steam and finished campaign, what is a good team to real the mechanics with?

  8. Learned so much from this video. My tactics need a lot of work but I'm sure with these videos they'll get there (I'll check out the rest when I'm not on my phone using all of my data). I now understand more of the order to do things.

    Thanks Sheepdog. Keep up the good work.

  9. I only play as dwarves. I usually can crush the skaven pretty bad in AI mode as well as multi-player.
    Very rarely do I beat skaven 2-0 or 3-0…. usually its 2-1 or 3-1.

    Does anyone have a defensive formation with dwarves to keep skaven from scoring?

  10. These videos are great m8, just seen you have a league running, is it open for total newbs to the game? lol
    Keep up these videos plz 🙂

  11. I know that a lot of these guides are kind of old, but I am watching them because of how bad MY luck is against the AI. I think I posted somewhere on one of your videos about 30 hrs in game and only 5 wins. So, Im hoping these guides are still valid and will help me out.

    I do think the AI rolls are slightly rigged to make them "harder". Its odd seeing them run through your lines with 5 dodges and 2 go for its and they make every single one. Yet when you have an 80% chance to pick up the ball or something, you drop it with re-rolls constantly. Lol. You are probably right that they are not rigged, but man it feels like it!

    Anyway, I hope these videos help me. I will let ya know.

  12. Being about 20 games in, I'm still a Blood Bowl Greenhorn.
    Thank you for these tips brotha.Now I can get my game TIGHT!

  13. I am horrid online so I'm grabbing my smokes and coffee and going to watch them all. Sheepdog Thank you for making these and hopefully I can find a team that suits me. Or at least learn how to play online lol

  14. Thanks for this video! As a beginner, it gave me a lot of useful information. I'll be checking out your race/team specific videos next!

  15. I don't know if it's my imagination, but I seem to be getting hosed on dice rolls in BB2 much, MUCH more than in BB1. I'm trying to like it, but it's more frustrating than fun at this point.

  16. These are great. Thanks brethren. I learned a lot. Do you plan on doing a breakdown on all the abilities in the game and which synergizes best with which class?

  17. Dwarfs are not a beginner friendly team, there lack of mobility really screws them big time against fast dogy teams played by capable players and really bashy teams can steam roll them easy due to the severe lack of strengh 4 players.
    Early on its possible to pull of some easy victories, but later down the line it gets exponentially harder and harder to win by simply bashing your way through the oposition and then you really need to have some guys with basic ball handeling skills if you want to properly compet despit playing dwarfs

  18. Please read the INSTRUCTIONS in the first post and the other team will NEVER get high stats. As for 99 stats, i will change the stats to what Red Panama has suggested.

  19. It resets them during a match or causes the player to be unable to order any action.
    It has also given the opposing team 99 stats at some point.

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