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black ops freezes when loading?


i recently re-purchased black ops, the last time i owned the game it worked fine, although this time the loading screens freeze the ps3, the whole ps3 jams up, although after a minute or so, it works fine again, there’s no problem during matches, but it’s getting from match to match that is the problem, sometimes it doesn’t load at all, zombies works fine, although combat training and online are affected, is it something wrong with the disc? or is it the ps3? what should I do? Thanks in advance.

I should also add that when i first put the disc in it said something along the lines of “data corrupted” on the ps home page ad wouldn’t let me click on the game at all, so i deleted the data from the ps3’s memory and it worked, but the the freezing started, it only ever freezes when loading something, or on the short intro movie before the “press start screen”, it then goes on too completely jam the ps3, is it the ps3 or the game? it hasn’t ever done it on any other game, might it have something to do with the fact that i owned a different black ops disc before?

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  1. It Possibly could be the CD itself that is causing your Playstation to do this. or it could be actual data that you had saved with your previous version of black ops that is corrupted and causing the freezing. Otherwise i think its the CD in general :S

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