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Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 – Before You Buy


Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1 - Before You Buy


  1. remember, when in old shows they where claiming that there will be interactive movies and tv-shows in the future? Allways thought that was bullshit and would never work…. well at the end we kind of got them, but as games… and ironicly I love them. 😛

  2. For mobile, the other episodes have to be bought but it doesn't show the price. It says BUY and if I click on it, it just tells me to put my password and it doesn't feel safe.

  3. when getting episode 2,3,4, or 5 do they cost money? I am currently saving up to get money for online play as well as ability to get DLC. I know most DLC costs money but do the other episodes? please help!

  4. Does anybody know if it matters if i get this on PS3 or PS4? I have both. But I want to know if i will lack in sound/quality/etc if i got it on PS3

  5. Has anyone else bought this game on PS3? I think I made a mistake doing that, it freezes a lot, textures don't come out right, and it doesn't even save my progress

  6. I bought the season pass disc at £17 for the PS4 the day I got the console and it is awesome and I also did not know what it was about or what kind of game it was but it was great idea that I picked it up

  7. I always buy telltale games a month after the last episode. There's no point in waiting every 2 months for a 2 hour glitchy experience when you could play straight through the game from start to finish over a weekend with little to none glitches.

  8. I would watch your before to buy series but god damn you spoil all the scenes from the game

  9. Umm hey guys so wait do you need to pay money just to get episodes ? Or is it free to download in ps3 version cause my parents will be mad cause they'll think i wasted money to buy the game .-. Pls tell me

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