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A Small Problem With Kingdom Hearts 3 Being On Xbox One – (Kingdom Hearts Discussion)


A Small Problem With Kingdom Hearts 3 Being On Xbox One - (Kingdom Hearts Discussion)

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  1. First before i make my comment: I have played kingdom hearts ever since 2002 when my dad got me the game. I also play the xbox one for the games i like.

    Square soft/enix know what they are doing when they make their games in the since of story and fans. Seeing how the last main kingdom hearts was released on the ps2 (Kh2), they made back stories to tie in everything using handheld devices instead of the main console Playstation. When they planned on telling the world about Kh3 it is of every understanding that not everyone would have stayed with the same console brand or would want to purchase said brand for one game. To bring joy to all their fans (and make a little more money on the side) they decided to bring Kingdom hearts 3 to both PS4 and Xbox one. As they have also made a condition to the xbox port "Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the First Kingdom hearts on the xbox". This give them time to give the playstation players a gift of 1.5, 2.5, 2.8, and 1.5+2.5 solely on the playstation systems giving them the means to revisit all the games leading up to KH3. It may hinder the xbox players that are new, but the old fans it will give us joy to hear we dont have to waste money on a system that we will more likely use to play one or two games.

    As for me, i have all the original versions(except BBS) and got a ps3 with 1.5 and 2.5 for 60$. 460$ less then getting a new console and 2.8.(I just watch silent lets plays of 0.2 and unchained key)

  2. Honestly though, what use does the touchpad have that a joystick can't use better? The touchpad is an obsolete gimmick. And the touchpad is the only thing the PS4 has that XB1 doesn't.

  3. dafuq, Many Console wars over here, I'm a Playstation Fan(girl) but I'm not mad of KH3 being on XONE or pissed off about it, We could share our KH experience for them though, Both consoles get the game so yay, what's the reason to war about it? probably darkness..

  4. I just preorder Kingdom Hearts 3 for my Game Console Xbox one yes am xbox guy in this ROOM guys yes am truly looking feared to Game? And Final Fantasy X15.

  5. the touch pad is insignifiicant as shit, final fantasy 15 or just cause doesn't any problem

  6. Honestly, the touch pad was the one thing that put me off of the ps4 due to my thumb being too big and I can't press the start button without pressing the touch pad as well.

  7. im happy this way cause i dont want to buy a playstaion just to play kingdom hearts, i love the series but im not buying a new console just to play one game

  8. The touchpad has to be the worst feature on PS4, I'll just stick with using the analog sticks.

  9. You guys are lucky bastards. Be happy the game is going to be available for your system. I have a Wii U….

  10. They could integrate the PS4 touchpad but they should just have it as an option. You don't have to fix what's not broken. Kingdom Hearts 3 should be able to flow smoothly with or without touchpad.

  11. Guys Lets Be Honest Here, there are games where Xbox One And PS4 Were released. One If you had PS4 the Touchpad would Help You Use an ability or switch a weapon. On the Other Hand Xbox One Users Have to use their Buttons to use an ability or switch their weapons.

    Secondly (Coming from most people I watch or know) I don't see many people who own a PS4 use the touch pad that often.

  12. the touch pad thing is a stupid reason. who cares if i can't use the touchpad on ps4. That shouldn't be your big issue. The more you went on about it the more ridiculous you sound man.

  13. emmm in ps4 there are games that you use the touch pad for something important i dont think so i dont think thats a problem

  14. what I hear is a load of stupid reasons. If it had been on PC it would have had better graphics, true HD and actually reach 60fps. so you could say it being on PS for so long has hindered it.


    It being on the xbox increases it's sales. This guy doesnt understand how developers work.

    And further more, Sony turned their back on SE. Haven't noticed that Sony has a habbit of alienating all the friends they worked so hard to make.

    haven't released a good console since PS2. At this rate they've released more poor. This is from a PC gamer.

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