Home Playstation Forum A few questions and want your opinion! Also Rumors spreading!?

A few questions and want your opinion! Also Rumors spreading!?


Little Big Planet is getting delayed to Oct. 27: Whats your opinion?

MGS 4 rumors for 360 building up? Could this be it? Cmon what we gonna do?

The reviews for Socom: Confronatation? Player reviews. I dont know. Server errors. Whats going on?

Ready for R2? Couple weeks away!


  1. don’t really care I’ve only seen one video of that game and it was doing math, I want a video game myself not a homework helper

    wouldn’t surprise me since xbox 360 gets all the good exclusives. why can’t ps3 get halo its just unfair

    don’t know about your last 2 questions

  2. mgs4 cant be played on the 360 MSG4 is a 60GB+ game and its compressed on to a blu-ray dvd

    i dont care about LBP being delayed ill still buy it

  3. 1. Nothing because I’m not getting it right away. I’m getting it though soon

    2. I know that Xbox 360 has the “horsepower” for the MGS4 game, but It’s still not happening even if the rumor still keeps on going. Besides Xbox users doesn’t want to see a PS1 when they are battling Mantis hehehe.

    3. I never played any Socom games before. It looks good though.

    4. R2 release date is on my birthday, but I might get it later. Because I need money after when I go to Homecoming. My PS3 was already an advance birthday gift from my parents.

  4. LBP here.

    [url is not allowed].

    Otacon says in MGS4 that “were on PS3 / blu-ray dual layered”

    and Snake uses a PS3 controller to control Mark 2.

    Servers aren’t fixed yet for SOCOM I guess.

  5. 1. A Gamestop computer just called me. They said the week of Oct. 27. LittleBigPlanet is only delayed a couple of days. Doesn’t really bother me.

    2. Make more exclusives 360 can’t handle and can’t steal.

    3. No reviews? The servers keep crashing, looks like the game isn’t going to well.

    4. Yeah can’t wait for R2 I already pre ordered it!

    (R2 style? Are you serious)

  6. well LBP is gonna be big regardless

    if it does go to 360 it would come out next year in christmas time but i doubt it will

    well i don’t think it wil;l sell that well but M.A.G will take over ps online

    yeah i am ready but i won’t be getting it first week i gotta buy christmas gifts

  7. well the delay isn’t that big so whats the big deal? actually i was hoping a little longer because i’m not getting it right away

    i don’t think it will. and if somehow it does, whatever. I’m enjoying it on my ps3, so i’m happy 🙂

    MGS4 can be played on a 360, but the power it takes to run it on the system will probably fry some hard drives. look at GTA4, a lot of consoles failed because of it, too powerful to handle. Think of MGS4 and how powerful it takes to run that thing.

    Socom looks like a mess. I’m not sure if buying it would be the right thing. I mean maybe i’ll just buy the headset buy itself

    I have to hold off probably till christmas and until i’ll play the 1st. but it looks sweet, but i’m not going to get overly hyped about it though. Overhyping a game can ruin it.

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