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xbox 360 live help?


what will i need to hook up my xbox 360 live and how much money wud u need for the stuff u buy for it? do i need a router? how much are they?

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  1. If your using a Cable modem you can directly connect to that with an Ethernet cable that came with your 360 (if you got the premium or elite pack).

    If your using an ADSL or other modem you can share the internet by using internet connection sharing on your PC, or you can buy a router that will cost around £20 or £30. You will still need an Ethernet cable to connect.

    The Xbox live service cost £5 a mo or £40 yearly, create an xbox live account on your xbox 360 when you have hooked it up to your internet

  2. well u just need a basic phone wire to connect from your xbox 360 to your comeputer and to get it on xbox live go to wal-mart or something and its 50$ for a year you just buy a gold card or silver card and enter the pin on xbox.com and then make an xbox live account and ur good to go

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