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Xbox 360 Help Please!?


So right now I stream all my media from my macbook to my xbox 360 through Rivet. My problem is that I want my media to constantly be streaming from my macbook to my xbox but since I shut my laptop off at night I can’t do that. What i want to do is stream through my PC desktop in my basement without having to constantly update the media library. My idea was to share my iTunes library with my desktop in my basement so that I don’t have to constantly update my 2 iTunes libraries and it will constantly stream from the shared library because I don’t shut down the computer in my basement. The problem is that because its a pc I can’t use rivet to stream. I wanted to kind of link windows media center and iTunes so that every time i update my library from my macbook it will update iTunes on the desktop which will update windows media center. Does anyone have any idea what I am talking about or if this is even possible?

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