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Wireless Connection for Xbox 360?


I was wondering if the Xbox 360(either Pro or Elite) has Wireless Connection inside the 360 system or do I have to buy the Wireless N Network Adapter for Xbox 360([url is not allowed]) just so i can play on Xbox Live?

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  1. Xbox has yet to include a wireless device either inside the system or bundled with the console. So you would either have to buy the wireless N adapter for $100, OR, there is a little known secret that you can use any computer (laptop or desktop) as the wireless adapter and have it work just as good. The only slight drawback is the your computer obviously needs to be remotely close to your system or it defeats the purpose. for a tutorial, see my sources

  2. no xbox has wireless built into it. you would have to buy the wireless adapter or you could buy the cable and plug straight into the internet. but if you are not able to do that then the wireless adapter is what you are going to have to get.

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