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Why you shouldn’t shop at GameStop


The Last Point I have talked about before. But the first 2 I have yet to ever mention. GameStops used game sales do more damage to the gaming industry then Pirating ever has. That why the industry keeps pushing Digital Sales. Also why you see an increase in DLC. As great as it is to blame the developer, its Used games that hurt them the most. Let alone its hard to want to give a company a game like Soul Silver Knowing they are gonna pitch the case and PokeWalker.


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Why you shouldn't shop at GameStop


  1. I remember my local mall had a Gamestop and EB games a store away from each other, it was strange.

  2. Yeah it is bullshit that game stop like's to scam people that's why I don't shop there much I went there a couple weeks ago and it was a game I was really interested in and it said new so I took it up to the desk and It asked him to get me a copy of the game. And they told me this was the only copy that they had it was a open box that's not the way I like it I want one that's not open I just wish game stop goes out of business soon and start doing download on your Xbox or PlayStation four I feel bad for the developers that they don't get no money out of there Products it's not fair to them they work hard for what they do.

  3. I'm never using gamestop again because I'm a PC gamer and every time in the last 3 years I went to preoreder something CANCELED right before launch usually and I have taken my refunds and bought it online for CHEAPER!

  4. to me used games always have a bunch of issues but GameStop doesn't give a shit as long their getting money out of it for games they sell but doesn't work but crashes non stop just like they did when they sent me Killer Instinct Definitive Edition that i wanted new instead they send me a used one that has alot of issues

  5. I used to buy from GameStop a lot and recently I got a PS4 slim from them after trading in my Xbox one for it. I realized over the years that they always seem to rip people off or even the overly used power up rewards upsell gimmick. Yes I understand as a company they are supposed to do that. But at the end of the day when it comes to video games, I would rather buy them from an online retailer like eBay or Amazon. Because they have better deals, they are cheaper, and you don't have to worry about anybody try to upsell you or even rip you off. I'm glad I don't go to this store because now that I shop online and games are much cheaper. Everyone's different and I respect that. Happy gaming everyone

  6. After this video I feel kinda torn. :/ I buy games from a local mom and pop store in my neighborhood. I buy used and new games there. If they don't have a game there I want they will find it for me. I feel kinda guilty buying used games now because I'm not supporting the developer but I'm supporting a local family business too. Is that weird?

  7. You have a lot of salt for game stop. Will you ever let go at the fact the job at game stop fucked you in the ass?

  8. i buy used book, movies, cars and houses…….. i guess I'm hurting movie industry and car industry and the real estate market….. if i buy a copy of a game i should be able to let my bro have it so he can play it, i should be able to take my game over to my buddies house and play it. The gaming industry is extremely profitable a blu-ray disc is super cheap to make and digital is even cheaper. I paid for my copy let me share and sell it if not the game doesn't have enough value to be priced at 60 bucks.

  9. who goes to Stores and buys any game merchandise anymore unless its limited. Just buy online merchants. You save on taxes and its usually cheaper anyways.

  10. If I wanna go sell games some place I'll got to disc replay itself rather than GameStop….
    in fact I got my Nintendo 3DS amiibo reader from another GameStop store because the lady at the first GameStop store I went to "spaced out"…..
    One does not simply space out on the job
    I was saddened by the fact that employees on the job there could "space out"

  11. I get more used games from disc replay than GameStop, more than ever….
    Disc replay staff is always great….no pushing preorders
    no hassles from the staff at disc replay
    I have bought much more games used than new games from disc replay….it's great going to disc replay….

  12. Im 100% Fine with Digital Games but what would happen to new consoles? would they still sell them at like walmarts bc Video games are not walmarts MAIN Thing same with bestbuy and Target gamestop would be rip

  13. I live in Farmington Hills, MI and at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi we had both an EB Games and Gamestop at that mall when I was a kid

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