Home Playstation Forum which is better ps3 move or xbox 360?

which is better ps3 move or xbox 360?


see this ps3 move video

[url is not allowed]

and i need only for game and i do not want any knd of resone


  1. ps3 always appeals to me due to the blue ray player in it.

    But xbox 360 has some really cool games and defo has a better selection.

    Depends if you have a HD tv or not. If you dont id go with the xbox.

  2. I have played on Both but i like XBox 360 over PS.

    1. I like XBOX Live you can play online

    2. XBOX Cheaper

    3.XBOX more fun shooter

    4. Mirosoft Kinect

  3. PS3 Is a lot better, Graphics wise and also games. (for games im talking only about the “move” games). If you will play normal games more often then go for the xbox360

  4. trust me you want a ps3 because it will be a lot cheaper in the long run it already comes with everything that you would have to pay extra for. like rechargeable batteries/cables, wifi, bluray, bluetooth, free network/online. It has a fail rate of 10.9% where the xbox has a 54.2% fail rate. And not to mention the games. the game line up for the ps3 is going to bee massive as it was for the last 2 years, and it is the only system to get a game of the year exclusive this year. So yes the games are better and the ps3 can do just about anything.

  5. If you like playing games get an Xbox 360. If you like watching the bonus features of Avatar on Blu-Ray, then get a PS3. Also, the Xbox 360 failure rate was 26.3%. On average since It’s release. Now It’s lower than the PS3.

  6. You still need an HDTV to play Xbox 360 games at the native resolutions. I dont know what the other guy is talking about.

    As for the question I’m not sure what you’re asking. The Xbox version of motion control (Kinect) is out soon so the question ought to be Playstation Move or Microsoft Kinect.

  7. PS3 is better.It has more game titles available in the market and Xbox 360 has less number of takers.

    Graphics are great in both and I don’t think there can be a comparison on that ground.

  8. Dude, there isn’t an Xbox that doesn’t crash in a year or two! They are the most malfunctioning systems ever made! Never buy one ^(*O*)><(*O*)^

  9. ps3 all the time it is the best because it has a blu ray player good graphics free playstation network and it up scales normal dvds picture quality

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